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About Us:

MPE Racing was formed in 1994, by Chris Lawrence with the goal to provide people access to the most up-to-date information on performance products for today's cars & trucks. At MPE Racing we specialize in 79-present Mustangs and most Ford cars & trucks but can also sell and install parts for other truck & domestic vehicles.

Our past experience can save you a lot of money on your performance upgrades. As an owner of many Mustangs including 20 plus 87-95 5.0L's, 15 84-86 Mustang SVO's, a 95 Cobra, 93 Saleen #13 (Featured in the July 04 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine) and 2 Lighting's (1993 & 2001) we have had plenty of experience over the years looking to find the best combination for speed, drivability, and most importantly reliability. Quite often we disagree at the combos other speed shops and part stores have suggested to their customers. It pains us to see money thrown out the window for no good reason with multiple parts that duplicate the same results or worst yet hurt the performance you already had.

Another reason to use MPE Racing is because of our Installation & Dyno Facility located at our shop. We don't just sell parts, we also install and tune using the exact same parts on our own cars that we would sell you. Many of our customers are impressed with the amount of parts on hand and cars in ongoing progress in the shop. You can see different stages or levels of performance simply by stopping by the shop located at 263 Broadway on Route 138 in Taunton, MA.​

So keep your spending local by dealing with MPE Racing. Our pricing is extremely competitive to those other internet and mail order guys plus MPE Racing can provide you the top notch service when you need it versus other's that can't or won't. Please call or email us with your needs!

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