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Accufab offers high performance throttle bodies and spacers for your 1986-1993 Ford 5.0L Mustang. Replace your restrictive stock throttle body with one of our top of the line units and get your 5.0L the air it's lacking.

General InformationEach throttle body is sold individually or in a kit. Gaskets are included. The throttle body does not include mounting hardware or other screws. The individual throttle body includes one throttle body gasket and one IAC gasket. Each kit includes a throttle body and a choice of a 2" EGR spacer, or, a 2" Blank spacer, plus two throttle body gaskets, one IAC gasket and one EGR gasket, where applicable. Available separately, is our Cable Bracket spacer. This unit is 3/8" thick and is solid aluminum, sized 65mm-105mm and has provisions to mount the stock cable bracket and includes two throttle body gaskets.

Accufab F70

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