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Come in and see our 5,000 square foot installation and dyno facility or call us for current shop rates on all stock and racing parts and accessories you have purchased; such as Blowers, Engines, Transmissions, Exhaust Systems, Gears and much more. When available, we give price breaks on installation at the time of purchase, if installation is part of the total package. We also install Sub Frame Connectors, Roll Bars and other related items.

Let the experts at MPE Racing handle the install on the tough stuff. Tuning by a qualified technician can make all the difference in the world for performance and safety.

Custom Tuning

We use the Dynojet 224X Chassis Dyno rated for 2000 HP/TQ & 200 MPH Speeds with SCT Flash, DiabloSport or HP Tuners Tuning software to custom tune your 1986-Present Ford car or truck and SCT Flash or HP Tuners software to tune your 1997-Present GM car or truck. We also tune cars with AFM PMS, DiabloSport, Ford EEC-IV & EEC-V, Accel DFI, Big Stuff 3, FAST, Holley EFI and TwEECer.

  • SCT Flash Ford EEC-IV Chip & Custom Tune $699.99*

  • SCT Flash X4 Ford Handheld & Custom Tune $899.99**

  • HP Tuners Ford/GM Custom Flash & Tune $599.99***

   * Price includes SCT Chip, Dyno Time & Custom Tuning

 ** Price includes SCT X4 Handheld, Dyno Time & Custom Tuning

*** Price includes HP Tuners Flash, Dyno Time & Custom Tuning

HP Tuners Ford 2018-Up add $100.00

Dyno Renting Rates
  • $150.00 for 2 Pulls and A/F Monitoring

  • $200.00 per hour with A/F Monitoring and no tuning

  • $250.00 per hour with A/F Monitoring and tuning by MPE Racing


We also have the Dynojet Analog Module. The analog module allows (4) additional 0-5v based sensors to be logged during dyno runs. This allows you to display data such as boost and fuel pressure, along side the HP / TQ channels.


On-site Installation & Dyno Facility 
Our Shop Rate is $150.00 per hour.

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