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Finally ... a way to stiffen your front frame rails without installing a 12pt-cage or converting to a tube chassis! This one-of-a-kind brace works with our Lower Chassis brace to completely integrate the K-member and subframe system, eliminating unwanted movement of the front frame rails caused by launching, cornering and braking. This patent pending system acts as a lower frame rail to greatly increase front end rigidity and transfers suspension loads to the strongest part of the car, the subframe system.              -          Dramatically increases front end rigidity by acting as a lower front frame rail.            -          Eliminates unwanted movement of the front frame rails.            -          Transfers front suspension loads to the subframe system.            -          Improves braking performance.            -          Decreases weight transfer response time.            -          Improves steering stability and predictability.            -          Four wheel

Stiffler's SPD-M02

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